It’s Not F**king Rocket Science


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2 thoughts on “It’s Not F**king Rocket Science

  1. Read into it on amazon and like the straight-to-the-face-way of how it is, which is just how I am but don’t have the confidence yet to push through with it. Unfortunately, I don’t have a kindle – all those robots, you know 🙂
    Definitely encouraging!


    • Ha ha thank you for looking. I have honestly been buying on-line since the nineties and have never had any trouble whatsoever. The book is also available here at smashwords where it can be downloaded on to any device, got all angles covered lol.

      Yes it is very straight forward and there are many true things said in jest, it is a book I have had in the pipeline for a long time, around seven years, I originally called it ‘Jedi’s don’t smoke’ but I got warned off when I emailed the dark and shady Lucas film corporation. Anyway I hope you do purchase it and have a good giggle and learn a thing or two, in the mean time I have another posts to publish.

      Asta la vista

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