About – The Last GhostBuster

By day I am an unassuming, unnoticeable, mild mannered painter, computer geek, crisp  munching, Java drinking, diverse writer, and lover of all things living, bouncy and colorful. However come nightfall my alter ego takes over and I change into the ghost hunting, demon banishing, and banshee chasing super sleuth, the last Ghost Buster, I am the one who knocks on doors, taps on windows, to gather stories of scary goings on, the nutcase who glides through the darkness alone, maybe with an onion drenched hotdog, seeking out anything which creepeth and crawleth in the murky shadows of life, the haunted places that others just dare not tread.

Well something like that.

Hi there,

Do you believe in Ghosts? Ghouls? Demons? Poltergeist‘s (those angry dudes who throw stuff around your room)?

Have you ever had a supernatural experience?

Have you got any unwanted supernatural other worldly action going down late at night in your home? If so I would really like to know about it.

I have written many books on the subjects of ghosts and haunting’s and now have a great following. People tell me their frightening stories and a lot of them I put into print. I have now decided to place some of the stories on my blog, just to keep you on your toe’s.

If you have ever experienced a bizarre encounter that you can’t seem to explain then one way of dealing with it is to read about other people experiences and realize that you are not alone. Many ordinary people experience strange phenomenon everyday, and to be honest they all live to tell the tale. The more spooky the story the more I would like to know about it.

Please enjoy browsing the varied true life stories which you shall find  posted on this blog, and remember to check out my many books. If you need to talk about what you are experiencing just send me a message. Remember I have heard nearly every story that there is out there, so let me hear yours.

Thomas Nwafor


35 thoughts on “About – The Last GhostBuster

  1. I love this! Thanks so much for stopping my and following my blog and allowing me to discover yours! I seriously LOVE your approach to this, I bet we have similar energy vibrations 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of your stuff. Much love, Sara

    • No problems my friend, glad I could make your day worth getting out of bad for. Read some of my posts they’re are all uplifting, that’s what I am about.

      keep posting, keep writing and the traffic will come that’s for certain.

  2. Namaste, Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog. I just happen to be in that positive mood just about now and look forward to reading through your powerful messages of positive inspiration. Oliana, Whispering Insights

  3. I like your book’s theme as you describe it: teaching people how to do simple things like repair the heat in their apartments. I’m MUCH happier since I’ve had to do almost everything for myself, from baking my own bread to teaching. Thanks for your visit, by the way. Good luck!

    • Hi there.

      The book is not aimed at self repair, it is to point the home owner in the direction of the fault so they can call a heating engineer without being ripped off. It happens alot. Never repair your own heating unless like myself your qualified

  4. It’s great to be positive, to live life to it’s fullest, leaving fears behind, walking forward in victory. When we live in this place everybody see it, they want it, which leaves a legacy or trail for others to follow. Great blog, will be back to see how you blaze it.

    • Of course I di. Do you want to know where your spelling mistakes are. You tapped him on the shoulder not taped. I found it very very interesting thats why I liked it :0) it was different. I am an author.

      • LOL. Thanks. I’m always suspicious (sp?) of people who “like” something right after I post it. In fact, I wrote a blog about that. Just one spelling error? That can’t be right. Thanks for reading it. Thanks for liking it and thanks for the positivity. I am working on my own form of brilliance myself. Cheers.

  5. Thank you for liking and following my blog site. Made my day. Definitely into creative visualisation – I coach speakers to visualise having fun at the lectern so we have synergy. Looking forward to more contact.

  6. Thomas, Thank you so much for following me at BigBodyBeautiful, my new friend! I’m so enjoying myself on your blog and love how your philosophy perfectly expresses the Law of Attraction. Life improves when we take responsibility and turn our attentions and actions toward what feels best. I love that you get this, live it, and offer it to others. Oh, and I’m now following you, too. Big, warm, and loving hugs, my brother. -BigLizzy

  7. Thanks for stopping by at my blog: http:careerwiseconsults.wordpress.com

    I really appreciate that!
    Great blog you have here. Looking forward to learning from you.
    Semako Jinadu, Career-wise Consults

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